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Our seed potatoes are grown in the San Luis Valley; an isolated, arid, high mountain valley.  It is located 7,600 feet above sea level, where the summer days are warm and sunny and the evenings are cool.  This climate keeps disease and insect pressure low and gives high altitude vigor. 

Seed has been grown on this land since 1948.  We have been growing potatoes on it since 1989.  We are a 250 acre operation in which the owners are involved in every stage of production, from planting to shipping of your seed.  This means that all aspects of crop production are done in a timely manner, exactly when they need to be done.  There is also a personal attention to detail in every procedure that insures you are getting the highest quality of seed possible.



Phone:  719 754 3686

3527 W Rd. 8 N
Center, CO 



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